Friday, October 29, 2010

Famous People : New York Colony

People who are important to New York Colony:

The James, Duke of York: Very, very important. This is the person who founded it, and the person who the colony is named after. 

Thomas Dongan, the famous governor of New York Colony. When he became governor, the colonists were rebellious and broke. He managed to calm them down. He signed the Charter of Liberty. He believed in the phrase "No taxation without representation."

Alexander Hamilton, the person who helped found New York's very first bank, called the Bank of New York. He also attended college in the colony of New York.

John Peter Zenger, the person who was tried for libel. Zenger disliked the governor and started publishing bad things about him. The governor was offended and arrested him. Zenger was defended by the legendary lawyer Andrew Hamilton. The court ruled Zenger innocent. This incident promoted freedom of the press.,r:0,s:0

Peter Stuyvesant is the person who disciplined New York Colony. He was appointed director general of the Dutch West India Company. At the time, New York was a mess. He made many strict laws and tried to be fair to the local natives.

Peter Minuit: The person who ripped off the natives. He bought Manhattan Island for items worth sixty Dutch guilders, or about twenty-four US dollars.

But sadly, even the greatest of people go. We are still mourning their deaths.


  James, Duke of York

Your Majesty, thou may not like this, but the colonists have urged us so.

  How could we forget the deeds of the founder of the colony, the Duke of York? This man was the FOUNDER of New York!! At first he humbly named the colony New Netherland instead of a name like New York or Duketown or Yorktown. Then when this colony was seized by the English, Your Majesty, it was properly renamed New York, like it should be and is now! We will never forget our founder.

  Thomas Dongan

  Oh, when this man rose to the rank "Governor", this colony was young, penniless, and rebelling. It was a miracle when Thomas Dongan came. He managed to calm down all us rebels and  restore some money. He also signed the Charter of Liberty. O, is that not heroic?

  John Peter Zenger

  John didn't like the New York governor (Will Cosby), so he wrote bad things about the governor. The offended governor arrested him and had him put to trial. John was defended by the best lawyer possible, Andrew Hamilton. Zenger won, and this helped establish freedom of the press. John expressed our own opinions about that tyrannical governor, and printers will always look up to him.

  Peter Stuyvesant

  When Peter came here, as last director general of the Dutch West India Company, he was like," I will discipline you unruly colonists!" And he did. Like John Smith, he made strict laws and tried to be fair to the natives. Also, he expanded the territory in this colony by a lot.

  Peter Minuit

  This lad may have been a scalawag, but at least he helped the colony of New York. He cheated the natives out of Manhattan Island! I am not tricking thou, sire! He bought the Island of Manhattan for items worth sixty Dutch guilders. It was unjust but he still helped expand New York's territory.Those who reside on Manhattan Island will always remember him.



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